Style Guide Page

This page goes over the pre-set styles on the site.

This is a Heading 1

This is a Heading 2

This is a Heading 3

This is a heading 4

This is the body copy size


Common Image Sizes
  • Internal Page – Right Side Image: 684px wide, 500-800px tall
  • Internal Page – Header Image: 1920px wide, 400px tall
  • Internal Page – Full Width Image: 900px wide, any height


Hex Colors Used
  • Top Menu Blue: #19242F
  • Andrews Logistics Red: #C42127
  • Button – Yellow: #E8A400

Additional Widgets Below

These widgets are used by various pages of the website. This has been pre-set on this page to allow for testing.

Widget Names: EAE Text Separator | Gallery

Bulk Liquid Transport For ConocoPhillips

Widget Name: Tabs

Each tab contains its own content, which can be modified on the left menu when clicked.


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