How We Support Families

For many of our employees, our support of family life is our top benefit. Quality home time and communication is critical to each of our employees and their families.  We know our drivers are out taking care of our customers on our nation’s highways while spouses often handle a lot of the personal business from home.  We offer direct call in support services for family members with questions on benefits or human resource related issues or concerns. 

The Andrews Logistics “Drive to Wellness” campaign places a focus on the health and wellness of our entire work family which includes spouses covered under our group health insurance program.  Just like we want to be the safest company in the industry, we also want all our employees and their families to be the healthiest as well. 

Who We Are

What separates us from the rest of the pack? Our family-centric atmosphere, our professional expertise, and our commitment to our clients and our employees.


We’re a family-owned company in business for 20+ years


We have terminals across the U.S for nationwide reach & service


The safety of our employees & others is top priority


We have the hardware to back up our commitments

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