Three Supply Point Agreement signed with ExxonMobil

October 3, 2014 | Andrews Logistics

Andrews Logistics has just signed a new Agreement with ExxonMobil to be primary on lanes from three different supply points in the Gulf State Region. ExxonMobil was historically one of Andrews Transport’s premier customers but had more recently utilized their services in a backup capacity as other carriers were unable to fulfill their commitment. Since the acquisition of Andrews Transport in 2013 and the assumption of Transport’s Master Agreement with ExxonMobil, we have all been working towards securing our position back as primary on committed lanes from this facility. The team of Drivers and Managers in Beaumont have done an outstanding job of servicing this customer leading to these exciting results. In the process, we were also provided with the opportunity to get back involved with ExxonMobil at their Port Allen lube plant as well as their Baytown wax plant which we are just starting this month. Many of Andrews Transport’s contacts at ExxonMobil remember the high level of service that Transport provided them over the years at a very safe level and was eager to get our organization re-engaged as their primary carrier. Effective this month, we now have a long term agreement to transport Lube oils from Beaumont & Port Allen and wax on a few lanes out of Baytown. Thanks to the service that our Beaumont team has provided ExxonMobil, we are now transporting lube oils for every major lube oil shipper in the country. With this addition, we should be the best fit for any driver who enjoys or is considering hauling lube oils anywhere in the United States. I would like to thank the team from Deer Park & Tyler that also support this business. Some of which have taken care of this account for many years prior to the acquisition of Transport. You are the ones responsible for this expansion.