Andrews Logistics 17th Anniversary

December 3, 2014 |

This month is the the 17th Birthday of Andrews Logistics. We founded the company in December of 1997. It was only a few months earlier that I had met Bill & Gary Andrews to discuss the idea of working together to build this company. I was age 29 and working as a Sales Manager at UPS Logistics at the time. Bill and Gary mandated that if they were going to get behind this startup, we would have to be committed to safety and operating with the highest level of business integrity, otherwise, they would not be interested in the partnership venture. I believe that work ethic along with those two founding company thoughts were two main contributors and consistencies over the years that led us to where we are today.

We added our first 6 trucks in late 1998 hauling propane in Southern, CA and picked up $220,000 in revenue that year. We added another 18 trucks in the first part of 1999, six of which were at our new Aliquippa terminal servicing Phillips66. We captured $1,600,000 in sales that second year. Today, we have over 300 trucks generating over $65,000,000 in sales and the Phillips66 account is still one of our largest and most valued customers. Both Aliquippa and Gardena are still "cornerstone" terminal locations for us with many long term tenured drivers still in place.

Our company has been blessed in signing up great customers over the years who value our founding business principles and enabling us to assemble the best team of mechanics, drivers, and office staff in the industry to service these customers. It has been a great journey that I still enjoy today because of the people I am fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis.

Bill, Brian, & I would like to thank everyone for all they did in 2014. We are excited about how strong we are positioned in the marketplace going in to 2015. We will be challenged at every corner, but look forward seeing what all we can accomplish together as a team.


Best Regards,

J. Darron Eschle - Chairman & CEO