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Our Truck Drivers and Staff

Truck drivers make our business possible. We have great equipment and technology to serve prestigious customers, but ultimately it comes down to having outstanding drivers.

Andrews Logistics has an old-fashioned approach to business. We know the best way to be successful is to start with the best people we can find. Great people care about their work, and that pleases our customers. Satisfied customers come back for more, and that makes the business successful.

The Best Truck Drivers

Our truck drivers are the best in the tank truck industry because we set the bar high, and they consistently perform at award-winning levels.

Our goal is to be the best employer in the tank truck industry; so we ask our team members how we can help them do their jobs better – and we listen to what they say.

We use technology to keep our office staff lean, with every person dedicated to helping our drivers do their jobs. We focus on drivers because about 85% of our employees are truck drivers.

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Andrews Logistics 17th Anniversary

December 3, 2014 |

This month is the the 17th Birthday of Andrews Logistics. We founded the company in December of 1997. It was only a few months earlier that I had met Bill & Gary Andrews to discuss the idea of working together to build this company. I was age 29 and working as a Sales Manager at UPS Logistics at the time. Bill and Gary mandated that if they were going to get behind this startup, we would have to be committed to safety and operating with the highest level of business integrity, otherwise, they would not be interested in the partnership venture. I believe that work ethic along with those two founding company thoughts were two main contributors and consistencies over the years that led us to where we are today...

Veterans Day 2014

November 11, 2014 |

I would like to take this time to thank all the Military Veterans on the Andrews Logistics team. As I watch the news each day and see all the turmoil that is going on in other parts of the world today, I always feel blessed to live in the United States of America. Thanks to our Veterans who have helped protect our freedom and way of life. Following is a list of Veterans who are part of our team. (I apologize is we missed someone…thank you as well). My sincerest appreciation to each of you!!

J. Darron Eschle

ALI Veterans:

Harry Corona, Terry Grimes, Kevin Rogers, Charles Smith, Guy Thomas, Richard Rutledge, Carl Spinek, Tino Delafuente, James Wolfe, Bob Wilson, Rich Shores, Jay Fleming, Tom Bray, Derek Von Seng, Bob Dunse, Mike Logsdon, Paul Wilhelm, John Bird, Andre Thomas, John Pence, Gerald Armstrong, Bill Bray, Rob Hiller, Joe Kacprowski, Dan Meyers, Bruce Riffle, Joe Sawinski, Bill Shank, Craig Smith, Conrad Washko, Dave Webber, Eric Weber, Tom Yarris, Dave Zelsnack, Veronia Purl, Tommy Harper, Duane Abbott, Brett Crone, David LeBlanc, Shane McDonald, Ron Phillips, Kevin Wood, Ron Phillips, Kevin Wood, Joe John Gonzales, William Clewis, Dennis Gable, Elvis Robertson, David Young, Harold Parkish, Ray Shewbirt, Roy Beard, Dave Miller, Moe Parker, Mike Ciavarino, Lee Wells, Tyson Gill, Fred Arion, Mark Shears, Larry Licwinko, Leonard Turner, Steve Cooper, James Vardeman, Curtis Howell, Duane Dirickson, David Gideon

Three Supply Point Agreement signed with ExxonMobil

October 3, 2014 | Andrews Logistics

Andrews Logistics has just signed a new Agreement with ExxonMobil to be primary on lanes from three different supply points in the Gulf State Region. ExxonMobil was historically one of Andrews Transport’s premier customers but had more recently utilized their services in a backup capacity as other carriers were unable to fulfill their commitment. Since the acquisition of Andrews Transport in 2013 and the assumption of Transport’s Master Agreement with ExxonMobil, we have all been working towards securing our position back as primary on committed lanes from this facility.

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