Logistics companies' merger will impact Houston facilities

December 18, 2013 | Houston Business Journal

Andrews Logistics Inc., a Southlake-based transporter of bulk liquids and hazardous materials, has acquired Fort Worth-based Andrews Transport LP, and with the acquisition, Andrews Logistics is combining the Houston operations of the companies in a brand new facility.

Andrews Transport provides the same services as Andrews Logistics, and even had one of the same founders as Andrews Logistics, hence the similar name.  Andrews Transport has a trucking terminal located off Highway 90 in northeast Houston.  However, neither this facility nor Andrews' Logistics current terminal in LaPorte has enough room for the companies' combined operations.  So, Andrews Logistics decided to invest $4.5 million and build a new approximately 17,300-square-foot terminal, office and maintenance facility on 12 acres

This new facility, which should be complete by the end of January, will house about 100 of the combined companies' trucks.  Darron Eschle, explained that investing in the new facility is intended to help the company attract new workers - a perpetual problem in the trucking industry.

"One of our objectives is attracting the best drivers," Eschle said.  "Investing in a new facility demonstrates to drivers that you are here to stay and we are more visible."

Andrews also intends to grow its market share in transporting chemicals, motor fuel and other refined liquids, Eschle said.  Therefore, the company has allocated extra space for growth at its new facility.

Molly Ryan - the Houston Business Journal